Get rid of your fear of heights instantly - the book with the help

I'm sorry but this workbook is NOT AVAILABLE at the moment. New edition will be made available in June.

Overcome fear of heights

Dear "fear of heights sufferer",

If I were a copywriter and wanted to begin with a bold attractive headline, I might begin it with--
"Fear of Heights removed or diminished in 100% cases in 2-20 minutes using a simple technique from an easy to read 8-page workbook."

Yet I am not a copywriter. But I do have a 100% succes rate. I helped a bunch of people (myself including) either in person or via email using the method described in the workbook. Most of them had their fear removed, the rest at least substantially diminished. (Off course, to some of them, it took more than one application.)

Because , based on my long-time experiences, I absolutely believe in this techniques I can give an unconditional guarantee - 3 months money back for any reason, no why's, no if's, no questions asked. The price was set low to make this tremendously valuable information, that can help you with most of other fears as well, available to everyone, and to make this the best return on investment you have made in a long time.

Title "How to get rid of your fear of heights instantly"
Delivery format instant electronic delivery - download immediately after purchase, PDF format ebook
Requirements: Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - free download if you don't have it already installed on your computer
Price: $9.95

The method is very simple: abnormal fear of heights is just learned and habitual. By using very simple relaxing techniques (derived from thousands years old Chinese secret healing techniques), you will release the fear and break old habitual response to a stressful situation. Can be done even in a public situation with full confidence.

You experience the power of fear removal immediately after the purchase - it takes 10 minutes to read the workbook and another 2 to 20 minutes to do the technique (can be done confidently at home and even in public).

Do you remember all the problems your fear of heights caused you in the past? Can you imagine what it would be like to get rid of it? How much better would you feel, and which new possibilities and joy would it open for you?

Now it's your turn. If you use the method from the workbook, you will quickly forget about any fear of heights you used to have. What is more, it is easily applicable to any other fear, phobia or emotion you or other people you care about would like to get rid of. You can experience the first results in next minutes. If you think the time to get rid of your fears has come.




Author, How to Get Rid of Your Fear of Heights Instantly