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Hypnosis treatment

Disclaimer: in my manual/book, there is nothing about hypnosis. I list it here as a complementary/alternative treatment possibility.

While I do have some experience with hypnosis, I am at the moment rather reluctant to recommend hypnosis cd's or tapes as the best possible treatment (unlike for other conditions, where I usually consider hypnosis very effective) for heights fears. It could be different with a knowledgeable hypnotherapist in a one-on-one session, but with tapes and cd's my usual experience is they are targeted at people with good visualization skills and my feeling is that effective treatment of fear of heights requires large portion of kinesthetically aimed intervention, something that many general hypnosis products miss.

Whatever my opinion is, the fact is that the only one seemingly acceptable hypnosis product I discovered that is specialized in acrophobia, is developed by Uncommon Knowledge Ltd. from UK, namely Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell, and that I have personally not tested it - yet. It is called Overcome your fears of heights with hypnosis.

It is for $8.95 direct mp3 download, you can return it back to them for a full refund if you are not satisfied. The commission that I am getting for listing it on this page is going to charity purposes for certain indigeneous population - use the contact form if you wish to know details. Also use the contact form if you used the above program and have any comments about that - I might be open to list them here, or reconsider listing of the above program on this page.

Any comments can also be posted freely on the hypnosis reviews discussion board, which, by the way, also has weight control hypnosis and procrastination hypnosis sections