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Susan O. from Texas:

I must thank you for your wonderful method. I'm cured! We were planning a trip to southern France in May and, even though there were some special places I wanted to see, I was dreading the trip. We were there three years ago and I had "freaked out" while driving some of the mountain roads in Provence. One day I burst into tears at the thought of going up the mountain to one more of those beautiful perched villages.

This time I was considering hypnotism or just toughing it out but was very fearful. Then I saw your web site and thought I would give it a try. I didn't have time to practice before we left but I took the book with me to read on the plane. (Strangely enough, I am not afraid of flying).

Our first day in Provence we planned a trip that I knew entailed some twisting mountainous roads. I simply used your method and it worked. I was able to enjoy the trip. We got out of the car at a scenic spot and I looked way down the mountain and didn't feel frightened at all. My husband was particularly pleased since he felt my fear was some reflection on his driving even though he is a careful, conservative driver.

However, here's the rest (and the best) of the story. After Provence we met our son and daughter in law in Paris. They wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower. While we were there (on the ground) I said, "Do you want to go to the top?" My husband looked at me like I had just landed from Mars. So we went. Now I can't say I was totally comfortable on that long elevator ride up, but he wasn't either. But I did it! That was quite a victory for me.

John J. from CA, US

Dear Tom:

I have to say it worked. I can not believe it, but it worked. I will be honest, when I first saw the simplicity of the technique, I thought that I waisted money.

In my case I have had a fear of heights for as long as I can remember. I am a huge Los Angeles Dodgers fan, and some years ago, I was at the ball park and had tickets to the "nose bleed" section. These seats are at the top of the park....not only are they high up, by the slant at which they go down is almost like climbing a ladder to get to your seat. Bascially, I flipped out, and I could not stay there. It was terifying. In the years since, I only obtained seats which are on the filed level.

This past Sunday, the corporation I work for had "Dodgers Day". The corporatoin was kind enough to give us free tickets to the game. The tickets were located where you ask? Right in the same area which I described above. I thought it would be a great time to really try the technique in the book. I did it a few days before and the day of the game. I went and had NO PROBLEMS. I sat there. I even went down to the edge of the section and look over. WOW! I can not believe it. Thank you.


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